Super narrow edge and big view

The color of black is low-key , simplicity as well a bit mysterious and serious

Because a lot of house occupy a space now is not very capacious that can use the design that saves a space normally when decorating a building. The sliding door of extremely narrow frame this simple and easy the design that is full of fashionable sense again, those who got a lot of owners chase after.

Small space also wants large pattern, so it’s necessary to use the sliding door with very narrow frame in home decoration

Dabbl shower enclosure has exquisite quality. You need the fashionable space is here!

Multi scene application opens indoor versatile mode


The view of the space is spacious and reduces the feeling of oppression.

If you put it in the kitchen, the narrow frame will make the room wider.

It fits better on the balcony.

It is installed in the bathroom to allow dry and wet separation.

It can effectively sound insulation in the study

Dabbl panoramic door is versatile fashion, do you like it ?

The very narrow border is simple and extraordinary

A narrow border is not cutting corners. In order to ensure the strength of the door, the product series specially increased the profile wall thickness (2.0mm) so that the door leaf has the better load-bearing and more durable.

Hidden soft closing without restraint


The damping design of soft closing which can automatically buffer closure . It is safe, quiet and easy to push and pull.

It is rich in performance, energy saving and environmental protection

Simple and narrow frame doors and windows with high quality pulley that it is silence to push and pull. The frame and upper rail are both windproof and pendulous. The frame is provided with adhesive strips which are tightly pressed against each other when closing so as to achieve a good sealing, waterproof and windproof effect.

Texture space and variety complete


Adopt EC easy cleaning technology that can easy to clean without stain. The standard 8mm thickness 3C explosion-proof tempered glass. It can be used with double track and triple track linkage. Panorama without occlusion .


Pare down to the essence. With fashionable design savour builds personalized simple sense space to satisfy contemporary contracted home outfit demand.


Minimalist narrow frame sliding door of Dabbl


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