Open and close at will, firmly mute

Explore the art of life with the intention of improving;

The combination of luxury and simplicity,

Feel the visual taste appreciation from the quality,

Send out the warmth of life in infinite creativity,

Create a harmonious environment, Get away from all the hassles, Like a poetic conception, Like a dream,

The grace of the wind.

Dabbl new product Schumann series shower enclosure Satisfy all your fantasies about the bathroom Shower here, as if a spiritual journey of washing. All tempered glass of BMW grade,

Add 3H king kong explosion-proof film,

Safety factor NO.1. Bath here,

Can make you linger. Little bathroom,

It can also be spacious and bright with soft white and falling lights. Let bathroom look like a boutique showroom, Brighten your bath. As for the details, we’re never sloppy

Every detail of the Dabbl shower room was carefully considered, 304 stainless steel tube jacking integrated molding, Firm support, secure and firm,

Diamond cutting surface design,

Forge a novel fashion tough appearance;

304 stainless steel safety clamped locking glass

Strong bearing capacity, prevent glass from falling;.

Small long bevel with delicate hinges,

It’s neat, The exquisite workmanship never falls down, as steady as a rock, Make every opening and closing steady, smooth and silent;Strong bearing capacity, prevent glass from falling;.

With streamlined and transparent bilateral waterproof strips, To minimize the gap between the glasses,

Do not leak, waterproof function is very powerful

With streamlined and transparent bilateral waterproof strips, To minimize the gap between the glasses,

Do not leak, waterproof function is very powerful

Outside handle thin and long, bone sense temperament.

Super long handle, old people and children can reach,

Extremely user-friendly design. The overall pattern is neat and generous,It’s refreshing.

Perfect shower room with high appearance level, fashion, easy to take care of,

Every time you take a bath, it will save you a lot of effort.From now on let you love bath.

All the new products mentioned above will be released, and more new products will be pre-ordered.

Please move to Dabbl brand store!


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