Light luxury • minimal

It perfectly interprets the Nordic minimalist style. Minimalism never goes out of style

Minimalist line handle

All stainless steel section that it has a full grip and is smart and stylish


Patent axis of heaven and earth


To open it more comfortable, free and convenient;

Reasonable force.

Open and close at will as well firm support

Extremely narrow frame for secure support


SS304 stainless steel with a very narrow frame,

Simple and easy, wear-resistant as well corrosion-resistant.

Dry wet depart and water right


The water seal grade 1,

After professional water sealing performance test,

Seal water in all directions to ensure dry and wet separation.

Safe and practical


8mm automobile EC easy clean plus explosion-proof toughened glass so that it can save time and worry more at ease.

Can position the opening Angle at will

When open or close, the angle that we can choose to need according to the dimensional size of shower room is positioned at will so that it solve the hidden collide question.


It is very common in external refinement and internal refinement.

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