Nordic style toilet, now popular so outfit, beautiful and practical


This case owner is the person that pays special attention to family life, male advocate special Nordic wind, like contracted, like log, what look forward to the home environment of the future is a warm and comfortable space, hope to make a rich and diverse space, include necessary sufficient store content function at the same time
 Decorate a case

Owner: Mr. Zhu

City: Nan jing

Bathroom space: 4.2 square

Design style: Nordic simple

Product: Dabbl  Shower Enclosure fk-c342

02  House  Type images Design

03 design philosophy

Under the condition of the nature reserve space, stylist USES the grey space as the main tone and large gray metope is tie-in the mirror light Dabbl FK – C342 shower enclosure hardware profiles, let the senior bathroom rich simple sense, the original wood color and white combination of bathroom furniture, simple and easy to break the monotony of style, make whole space very harmonious designers cleverly made dry wet depart Dabbl shower enclsoure design, make integral space safety performance is greatly increased, at the same time to reduce the leakage accident, such as make our bathroom security more secure.

04 Space design

In 4.2 square space, designers use Dabbl FK – C342 shower enclsoure will be divided into three functional areas, toilet satisfied wish Mr Home everyday to wash the toilet and bath to Jane pure three big demand, creating a quiet world Dabbl FK – C342 shower enclsoure fan type shower room occupies less area, external to set aside the activity space, the design of the sliding door, reducing the need to open the door of activity space safety explosion-proof toughened glass blocks the shower spray splashed wet wood bathroom furniture, fully implement the bathroom dry wet depart so Mr zhu Like wood bathroom ark can be well protected.



Dabbl shower enclosure FK banyan tree series, shower room atmosphere contracted, line feeling, is a joker and high levels of shower room in appearance, every detail to give you considerate care overall shower room to appear a 3C labeled with toughened glass explosion-proof membrane, using clean 2.0 technology, easy to clean without sludge thickening of high-quality aluminum, stainless steel column, solid framework to support the hale and hearty, strong tensile yield degrees.

All stainless steel handle, concise and easy with minimalist line, draw the outline of the attitude to enjoy life often shower, it is the enjoyment of your vision.

From the effective water, to prevent splashing, Dabbl shower enclosure will dry and wet separation to achieve the ultimate bottom using the integral block underwater material design, put an end to any possibility of splashing for your every bath escort, reduce your daily cleaning work

Door glass docking special magnetic water retaining tape, cushioning design to slow down the closing moment of the two-way impact, reduce accidents and protect you

Stainless steel pulley of bearing level internal flat structure, each group can carry 100KG, super stable, make the door more smooth and quiet

Narrow side track of cambered surface, smooth and stable; Track with seamless non-derailment design, impact will not be skewed skew derailment new anti-collision block, high quality buffer capsule, less impact noise