Do not hit the wall, reasonable line layout let the space coruscate vigor

In big cities where the price of housing is too high, every space should be used reasonably. Toilet pattern is not quite good, give a wall more, day lighting point is little also, when house advocate decorates, did not have little trouble. But as long as the design is good, these problems can be solved! This period, do not hit the wall, teach you how to do dry and wet separation, but also save a sum of money for decoration.

1. Decoration Case

Owner:Miss Zhang

City : Foshan

Area: 5.8 square

Style: Modern

Shower product : Dabbl shower enclosure BQ-C722  / dabbl FY-Q-H711

Ms. Zhang: do not hit the wall, indoor need to connect fully contracted, and there should be certain storage space

Lady zhang home toilet, the requirement does not hit a wall and should capacious and bright hold concurrently at the same time certain practical with fashionable sense. Below the layout that is clever and reasonable in stylist, see the toilet of the home of madam zhang is how to accomplish living activity line is fluent, still capacious and ventilated.

Toilet door model diagram

Program plan analysis

A lot of time do not have to hit a wall painstakingly, stylist makes use of wall body advantage, with dabbl  BQ double move door shower room makes a shower area, accomplish dry and wet separation easily, still saved a sum of money to decorate. Bathroom with cream-colored bathroom furniture collocation pure white department wall brick, build a warm and fashionable feeling.

Wet area

To increase the permeability of toilet space line of sight, stylist Uses Dabbl BQ-C722 two door interactive shower room, let toilet look more capacious and bright, the shower room that will be full of water vapor is independent come apart at the same time, make it and wash gargle area, go to the toilet area each other. Combined with the use of hollow out a word handle, grasp the feeling of comfortable push and pull is also convenient, can be done hanging bath towel, bathrobe storage function.

The safe explosion-proof glass of Dabbl BQ-C722 screen shower room can prevent the water splashing in the outside space when bathing. The narrow side plane track moves the door design from left to right, pushing and pulling smoothly and entering and leaving more freely. Yahei stainless steel frame and delicate hanging clamp lock glass, stable support, never fall, for you to build a safety barrier

Dry area

Wash gargle area receives assume, ark of ark of single stage basin bathroom and wall column are perfect fit, part hangs a wall to design, can increase receive a function already, can let all wash gargle thing, towel and sundry can hide in invisible again, also built a concise and easy space atmosphere.

Toilet door Uses DABBL extremely narrow frame FY-Q-H711 level open the door, black line and high appearance level explosion-proof easy clean is coated arenaceous glass to do auxiliary, add advanced simple sense, let small bathroom also can capacious and bright, build individual character contracted atmosphere.