The past and present of shower room

Shower room past of Greece in sixth Century bc.Before the public bathhouse appeared, the bath was open-air, and the facilities were close to the playground.People put in a pillar of single leg about waist high water bearing plate on the trumpet – “francesco rutelli harmony” of the water spray to the body, everybody together.Later because of reasons such as the development of interior become destructive to the morals.In as early as 3000 years ago in the Shang Dynasty, the Oracle had “bath”, it is like a man, standing on the plate, and the head of water drops, which shows a man standing in the shower tray”.In ancient times, bathing is not only for personal cleanliness and health, but also as a kind of etiquette, a social morality, and abide by it. For example, to meet the drawing and so on, must first incense bath, to show piety and respect.
Whether ancient Greece or the Shang Dynasty, has a long history of bath culture can be said in the history of mankind. Shower culture has developed to the present, more embodied in the modern bathroom configuration, and shower room began to occupy the mainstream position.
Shower room of life in China, the beginning of the shower from Italy, Germany introduced over.Shower room as an exotic, began to enter the Chinese consumer market. Simple shower rooms have been popular in coastal areas of China since 1996.
At that time, due to the design of the toilet, shower room and small expensive people are hard to change some bath bathing habits, shower room become marginalized products. But with the improvement of people’s living standards and bathroom space becomes larger, the health awareness of consumers continues to improve, shower room began to pop up.
And shower room is simple and quick, in the bathroom to have the effect of dry wet depart, more and more people use shower room, shower room and so the China guide the industrialization development.On the other hand, accelerate the development of real estate, more promote the shower room to popularize and apply.The status quo of shower room :Shower room as a kind of popular time is not long new products, still have considerable market space.
With the accelerated pace of urban life and further improve the standard of living, in the green environmental protection and intelligent Home Furnishing concept under the impact of future shower will tend to be simple and convenient, high-level in style, design and more humanized intelligent trend.