Self Contained Shower Cubicles

Self Contained Shower Cubicles

Shower Pods

Shower pods are a fantastic showering solution for bathrooms of any space or size and are the perfect self-contained showering solution and the best part is you are not limited on door choice, Dabbl shower pods are available in a range of door styles including pivot, bifold, sliding and quadrant.


Unlike shower enclosures, shower pods are a doddle to install and 100% silicon free, in most cases you can have a watertight showering space complete with shower & controls in less than two hours.

Quality & Manufacturing

Most shower pods have a premium quality two year manufacturers guarantee for peace of mind and feature high quality toughened safety glass in a variety of thickness depending on the model, because each and every shower pod is watertight self-contained unit none of them require silicon, tiles or grout which can wear over time and look tired, this patented process to offer their quality with no leaks guaranteed.

Built in showers

Most shower pods feature a built in shower which can be installed quickly and easily, but what if you want to use your own? Well, all hope is not lost, several models of self-contained shower pods are supplied with shower fittings to allow you to install shower valve or electric shower, and these models are perfect for those looking to customise their shower pod to create a powerful centerpiece for the bathroom.

Crystal Plus

Crystal Plus is a protective glass coating, this patented glass finish is available throughout and reduces the build-up of soap scum limescale which helps keep your glass looking cleaner for longer. Crystal Plus is also useful in the area with hard water