Shower Enclosures with British style design

In contracted more show contemporary vogue

Delicate and simple,

Revealing a strong sense of design,

In a minimalist, modern look

But there is a very noble temperament.

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Aesthetic Foundation

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British type esthetics designs the place that has vigor most, be like in British culture emphasize practical same, the home outfit of British type extremely brief style also is to be based on practical, pay attention to contracted, vogue.


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Design Concept

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Dabbl shower enclosure sano series

British simple design,

Keep up with the latest trends,

Use more straight line and right-angle design,

There are fewer graceful curves,

Used for decoration or ornament;

Strong design, but not exaggerated,

To maintain the principle of moderation and a balanced proportion,

Calm inside collect elegant fan again

Dabbl shower enclosure BX2 senuo series, through streamlined design, highlight British “fashion, contracted” core connotation, further strengthened the texture of stainless steel

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product Features

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This shower room is made of 304 stainless steel profiles, which are solid and durable. The surface polishing is processed to the highest level, achieving 8k mirror effect, with corrosion resistance, bright appearance, beautiful and durable. Minimalist design appearance, simple and beautiful.

Simple one-line handle, polished 304 stainless steel, rough and mellow lines, full grip; Shake hands handle but pensile bath towel bathrobe, do not break human nature to design in vogue, clever and close.

L-shaped water baffle design, effectively prevent water droplets from outflow, and truly realize dry and wet separation. At the same time, the design of water baffle bar ensures smooth water flow, avoids water accumulation, makes the whole space easy to clean and saves cleaning time.

Hidden stainless steel silent pulley, super quiet effect, more advanced enjoyment; Anti – tripping design, drag smooth, do not tripping. Smooth movement between push and pull, super quiet.

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Dabbl shower room BX2 sano series

Upgrade your bathroom taste