Shower glass is the thicker the better?

Shower Doors

Shower room glass as the main body of shower room, can be said to directly affect the shower room life, for the shower room thickness, in which the thickness of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm is common.

But many consumers will be more inclined to choose a thicker glass thickness, in fact, the shower glass is thicker the better? As for the thickness is appropriate?How thick is it suitable? According to its introduction, the shower room on the market different shapes, there are semi-curved linear, the thickness of the glass and the shape of the shower room.For example, arc-shaped, glass molding requirements, generally 6mm is appropriate, too thick not suitable for modeling, and the stability of less than 6mm thick.

Similarly, if the choice of linear shower room, you can choose 8mm specifications, or 10mm specifications, but need to be reminded that with the increase of glass thickness, the overall weight is also increased accordingly, which is related to the quality of the hardware has higher requirements.

But if we buy 8~10mm thick glass, we need the pulley to be better quality. According to some of the building materials market sales staff said, the shower room blew situation were smaller, but there is no direct contact with the thickness of the glass, the main reason of shower room glass fragmentation on the pulley and other hardware accessories, pulley sliding impeded, guide foreign body, pulley bearing defects will affect broken glass.

So choose shower room, in addition to check the glass 3C certification and other indicators. Reasonable choice of shower room glass thickness is very important. you can choose best custom, sliding, frameless glass shower doors from Dabbls shower Brand Company