Shower Room Common and Maintenance Methods

shower enclosures

1, Shower room leaking
Recommended treatment: first check the shower room waterproof tape is installed, look at the shower rooms and the bottom basin and whether there is a gap between the walls, glass glue is sealed, and finally check the water heater is installed. Is the connection to the drain pipe intact?
2, Shower enclosures activity is not smooth
Check the pulley is damaged, the track is deformed phenomenon, if any, you need to replace it; then take a look at the activities of the wheels were stuck by the debris, eccentric pulley position to know whether, if not, Need to tighten the correction.
3, Shower doors basin drainage is poor or there is water
Check the drainage or drainage pipe is blocked by foreign matter caused by clogging; look at the level of the ground, that is, whether the level of the installation of the base, if it will be installed well.

Shower Enclosures Should Pay Attention to the Matter:
1, in use, should pay attention to the positive impact of the activities, so as not to cause the activities of the door off.
2, should be regularly adjusted slider adjustment screw.
3, pay attention to the shower room on a regular basis to clean, to avoid hair pipe blockage.
Well, about the maintenance of the shower room tips to introduce here, and hope to help everyone.