Simple steps to teach you to choose simple shower enclosures

Shower Enclosures

With the improvement of living standards of urban residents, most families choose a simple shower enclosure or bathtub when decorating their new home, while the simple shower enclosure has been greatly favored because of its more flexible use of space.

How to choose a Quality shower enclosure? Need to consider from the bath material and function:

First, the glass shower enclosure should be tempered glass, the thickness of 6-10mm is appropriate. Ordinary glass is too thin, poor quality tempered glass prone to burst. At the same time, the skeleton of the shower enclosure is aluminum alloy, generally not more than 5mm in thickness deformation.

Shower ball bearings to be flexible, easy to open and close the door light, feel good. Shower seal should not have a break in the hinge, seal between the glass shower door to have magnetic, water-blocking performance will be better. From a functional point of view, the shower cabin chassis with high tub and basin two. With a cylinder can sit for the elderly or children’s families. Slide sliding rail easy to scale or fall into hard objects, not easy to clean, will make the door poor switch and lead to damage, but also should pay full attention in the purchase.

In addition, according to the simple shower enclosure to enter the way into the sub-angle or single-entry into the type of angle into the big feature is to expand the utilization, you can make better use of limited bathroom area.

Most young people prefer to buy translucent shower enclosure, while the elderly prefer the cloth or opaque shower enclosure or corner, quadrant, frameless, walk in, glass shower enclosures, so the purchase should also take into account the family’s preferences. Dabbl is a World Wide Shower Brand. it is best shower enclosure destination company.