• Frameless Glass Shower
  • How to choose Shower Doors

    Types of Shower Doors There are a number of door styles to suit your shower enclosure scenario: Framed vs. Frameless: – Shower doors and enclosure come with a frame or without. Frames which support thinner glass panels are generally fashioned from metal in a finish to complement the bathroom faucets and hardware. Frameless versions look sleek, are […]

  • Frameless Glass Shower
  • Glass Shower Door Cleaning Tips

    While glass shower doors are beautiful and practical, they do require regular maintenance to look their best. Here are some tips to keep unsightly hard water streaks and marks away and have sparkling clean glass doors. Squeegee after Showering Each time you use your shower is another chance for hard water particles to attach themselves […]

  • Frameless Glass Shower
  • Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Doors

    Sliding shower doors are perhaps the most widespread type of shower doors. It is natural as they save a significant amount of space and harmoniously fit into any bathroom space. The main advantage is that when opening they do not take any space in front of shower. Therefore for small bathrooms it is frequently the […]

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  • Dabbl Shower Enclosures Achievements Safe High-end Fashion Shower Room Brand

    In recent years shower room is in the speed of development. Now into the building materials market, we can clearly see the various shower room brand stores. Today, the shower industry has become increasingly mature, many shower room brands are moving in the standardization of development. However, the industry also has some shortcomings. Shower room […]