The History of DABBL’s high-end shower enclosure Brand

Shower Enclosure

In 2018, the future is coming, these enterprises of the high-end shower enclosure brand in china will be starting the new journey, we need to summarize the pass and look forward the future. After the external factors affect the economy in 2017, such as environmental inspection, industry shuffling, real estate turmoil,etc;the market competition between the brand enterprises of high-end shower enclosure is more intense in the New Year. Faced with the situation of opportunities and challenges, every enterprise want to keep their domestic status of high-end shower enclosure, how to develop the brand in china? Let me introduce the history of DABBL shower enclosure as below.

After 14 years of honing, the rays of light is showing, DABBL is famous all over the word.

 The DABBL shower enclosure was established in 2004. Since beginning, the company growth is in the ear of rapid development. Through the 14years development, DABBL has become high-end shower enclosure brand in china.

Like the spring wind comes suddenly at night, when the enterprises develop and growth quickly, under the situation of the sidelines in  market, DABBL had more thoughts and think far, do the best, so it keep the status of high-end customized shower enclosure, and design and produce more the best products.

With a keen sense of smell and accurate judgment of the future trend, DABBL grabs the market of high-end shower enclosure through more year’s honing. The company use advanced research and development of product and technological innovation spirit, Redefines the high-end shower enclosure, and becomes the leading brand of shower enclosure in china.

Who can be the successful hero in the world? In 2018, DABBL who was young enterprise in pass is the more powerful and experienced leader now. It is committed to attracting investment from home and abroad, and recruit potential merchants widely.

In the near future, it is believed that DABBL will be create more achievements again, pointing to the top status of high-end shower enclosure industry.

In the first place, DABBL who bears The hardest burden and be the first to be affected will never regret like the craftsman.


Craftsmanship is the best qualities of the world, DABBL who use 14years only want to be famous of the world in the high-end shower enclosure industry.

From product research and development, material selection, processing, assembly, cleaning, packing and inspection, to product transportation, sales and service, all of them reflect the DABBL’s strong ability and craftsmanship. The quality, service, technology have be built the strong moat of DABBL shower enclosure, and become the key to DABBL’s success.

The market of shower enclosure is unpredictable and turbulent, all of enterprise’s brand are dispute in the world. DABBL keep the honest attitude, avoid arrogance and practice internal work hard, regarding to Cater to the trend of the Times, the company become a shoo-in, establish the brand position, integrate high quality resources, improve the details of our products. It makes quality and services are the powerful guarantee.

DABBL shower enclosure has superior performance, beautiful appearance, good waterproof and quiet, safe and reliable. DABBL Company own fourteen years brand history, and pass originality for you. Product quality assurance let you feel to safe; leading technology, customized only for you; professional and close service, let you always rest assured.

In the future, DABBL will continue with beginner’s mind, adhering to the originality, produce more high-end products and commutate with customers closely to hold the market of shower enclosure. In the fierce brand’s competition of the shower enclosure market, DABBL will open a new area. An exciting and undulating scene will be start, please wait and see!