Tips to Help You Choose Between Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosure

The bathroom is a space of great importance in a house. Far from being a utilitarian space for personal hygiene, bathrooms have increasingly become havens of the home. It’s a place to refresh yourself in the morning and escape for relaxation at the end of the hard day. A beautiful and well-appointed bathroom can add value to your house too, so when the times come to give an upgrade then take the time think carefully. It is important to consider things such as which of the many shower enclosures you’ll choose from. All shower enclosure are not same.

You need to consider the size and dimensions of your bathrooms. If you’re dealing with a large bathroom you’ll have more scope to choose between shower enclosures. However in a small bathroom or an en-suite the shape of your shower enclosure will be heavily dictated to. In most bathrooms a quadrant shower enclosure works well, especially in small bathrooms, but you may prefer a large walk-in shower enclosure if space permits.

Positioning of a shower is related to the issue of space and overall dimensions of your bathroom. The different types of shower enclosures work better in specific placements. If you’re going to tuck your shower into a corner then quadrant enclosure is best. But if you are intending to have it places centrally on a long wall then D-shaped enclosures are better.

While choosing the shower enclosure think about the type of door. A folding door is great for tight spaces, such as small en-suites. Sliding doors work well for showers positioned in the corners of rooms, or if you have the space for a large enclosure then a pivot door can give a classy look and luxurious feel to your bathroom.