Toilet is small to dare not give birth to the second child, does method enlarge capacity?

Often hear complain: my home toilet is very small.

80 square flat house, toilet also leaves 4-5㎡ commonly, in so “small ball place”, want dry and wet to separate, want to install washing machine, want to accommodate many people to wash gargle at the same time, it is very test.


1、Decoration case

Owner: Ms. Luo

City: Beijing

Area: 4.8㎡

Style: modern and simple

Bathroom products: DabblVK2-H131 shower rooms, FY-Q-C722 open the door

Ms. Zhang: dry and wet separation should be done and space utilization should be maximized


Small family toilet wants to realize dry wet to separate is not difficult, but want dimensional utilization rate maximization, can consider the “small family” dimensional series of Ms luo madam home.

Toilet door model diagram

​The smaller the toilet, the better to do dry and wet separation, or after each bath, bathroom cabinet, wall, toilet is full of water. The bathroom is in damp state for a long time, easy moldy breed bacterium does not say, also can erode bathroom furniture to reduce service life.

Dabbl VK2-H131

Stylist according to the door model structure of toilet and the living activity line that reside, Dabbl VK2-H131 shower room divides the bathroom to wash gargle, go to the toilet, bath 3 big function area.

At the same time with white + mint green bold match color, build a lively and fashionable modern life temperament, promoted the space style.

Dabbl VK2-H131


DabblVK2-H131 diamond shower room to ensure the dry and wet separation of the space, only occupied a corner to save floor area, the maximum limit to retain an activity space, small bathroom to see up distinct, primary and secondary order.

Toughened explosion-proof glass is stable and reliable, it guards bath safety at all times, the first class sealing water, the bathroom can realize dry and wet separation no matter how small; Stainless steel one-piece long handle, can be suspended bath towel bathrobe and other practical and beautiful

With 304 stainless steel hardware accessories design, super mechanical fence design, a push and a pull between, all show masculinity; The hinge is made of stainless steel, multi-layer electroplating, durable and wear-resisting, the opening and closing are quiet and gentle, giving you a clean moment, keeping you safe and carefree when you shower.

Dry area

Bathroom ark, close stool, washing machine and hardware pendant each do its job, sort ground installation is in each function area, although the sparrow is small five viscera complete.

Dabbl FY-Q-C722

Dabbl FY-Q-C722 panoramic door is selected for the bathroom door, and the car grade toughened glass is safe and transparent, which not only protects the bathroom privacy, but also plays a decorative effect, highlighting the quality of the bathroom life. Vitreous elegant black extremely narrow border blends into dimensional style easily, begin to promote toilet class from the door.