Walk-in, a Shower Cubicle without a Shower Tray

Trendy and practical solution for both small and spacious bathrooms. Walk-in shower cubicles can be precisely adjusted to the dimensions and shape of the interior. Tray less shower cubicles popularity is on the rise.

Excellent alternative for traditional shower trays

If we use a ready-made acrylic shower tray, we have to fit the project to its determined measurements. If we use a walk-in shower cubicle, we don’t need to worry about that. Instead of installing a shower tray, a ceramic floor is laid. It is integrated into the rest of the floor in the bathroom.

Convenient to Install

Floor-level shower tray finished with tiles can be made in a traditional manner: the floor surface where the cubicle is supposed to be should be removed. Then, the spaces should be filled with concrete and appropriate inclinations in the floor should be made. Afterwards, the surface should be primed and waterproofed with the use of liquid foil on insulation mass.

Striking finishing – tiles in the cubicle

The quality of the finishings of the invisible elements is the most important matter due to the subsequent comfort of use of such cubicle and its protection against leaking or flooding the bathroom. The finishing of the shower tray, the quality of the ceramic tiles, joints, glues, and of course the craft of the tiler, however, are just important. Flexible glues for insulation of the form of liquid foils and masses and waterproof joint should be used here.