What about Dabbl shower room?

The shower room has become a modern bathroom decoration, let us enjoy a carefree time in the shower and bathroom space to get wet and dry separation effectively, then we will work together to understand how Dabbl shower room, look at it what are the advantages?
The product characteristics of Dabbl brand shower room
The glass adopted in Dabbl shower room is tempered glass approved by 3C at home. This kind of glass is underwritten by insurance companies. When the glass is destroyed, the glass will become debris like honeycomb of small particles, greatly reduce the harm to the human body fragments of glass. The explosion proof film is added on the top of the glass, which further increases the safety of the glass. The hotel has the explosion-proof safety glass, so the glass blew damage reduced to zero.
Own a pulley system, since the slide, strong resistance, superior performance of waterproof, corrosion, ensure that Dabbl shower can be bearing 29kg (domestic standard 5.6kg), up to 300 thousand times (domestic standard 100 thousand) slide freely without hindrance, even more slippery more smoothly! The unique design is also solved some consumer reaction for shower room shower room pulley exposed to be beautiful, easy to damage, and push and pull the door when the noise problem of activities. Meanwhile, the life of the pulley is increased.
Aluminum: the fine aluminum alloy, high purity, toughening hard moderate, good comprehensive performance, aluminum wall thickness 1.2 4.5 mm, not easy to deformation, bearing capacity is strong.Aluminum surface after dealing with the fine polishing, oxidation, coloring or powder processing, after the surface treatment of aluminum wear-resisting, corrosion and not easily fade.
Bottom pot: adopt imported acrylic board and man-made stone powder, resin, through high temperature processing and forming, strong stability and bearing capacity of strong, good safety, smooth surface corrosion resistance, easy to clean, with level adjust the supporting feet, installation is convenient, fast.
The design concept of Dabbl shower room
Dabbl shower room in design, novel unique European integration design, often lets a person shine at the moment to see for the first time.Fashionable, gorgeous and elegant this series of adjectives can add attached to Dabbl shower room.Only the quality can make consumers feel relieved, in appearance is to make the public feast for the eyes.High quality makes different enjoyment, taste fashion elements, boarded shower room, so that customers can “heart” bath”. Let customers understand, in fact, the use of shower room, you can also elegant atmosphere.