What’s good about shower room?

1, wet and dry separation
Install shower room can realize wet and dry separation, use the shower, will not be cheap to the bathroom, let the toilet everywhere water.
2, winter insulation
In winter, when it is used, it can keep warm, the heat gathered in a relatively small space, will not soon disperse, played a role in thermal insulation. If the bathroom is big, you can experience the warmth brought by the shower room.
3. Hygiene
Because the space of shower room is relatively narrow, so bacteria breeding and spreading area become smaller, so greatly reduce the infection of the family, so as to add a health to your people!
4, save water
Shower room saves more water than bathtub.
5, beautiful
In addition to the elements of fashion, in addition to the performance of the shower room itself, but also make the bathroom more than a piece of art.