Why People Chooses Shower Enclosures form Dabbl

Shower Enclosures

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pursuit of quality of life is also increasing, and the demand for home bathroom life is also getting higher and higher. Therefore, more and more people choose to separate an independent shower space in the bathroom, which is the formation of the popular shower enclosure. Nowadays, shower enclosure has become the first choice of modern home decoration, the shape of shower enclosure is increasingly refined, the style is also diversified, residents have more space to choose. Both the modern fashion style, antique and elegant style, also can choose luxury elegant style, or is a natural and fresh style.

DABBL shower enclosure people-oriented, product safety issues placed in an important position. DABBL believes that consumer safety assurance comes from a solid product quality, DABBL insisted on quality over the years supremacy, the company strictly enforce the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and improve the production management model, each a shower enclosure have been carefully crafted; each A piece of hardware, hinges, pulleys have been tested on 100,000 times off.

DABBL shower enclosure is taken with the same level of automotive explosion-proof tempered glass, and by the impact test: DABBL toughened glass in a row by a diameter of 20 cm, weighing 45 kilograms of steel ball hit three consecutive times, there is no Any cracks and traces of impact appear. This fully illustrates the safety factor of our room tempered glass shower enclosure is very secure.

In addition to toughened glass, DABBL shower enclosure series products are made of high-quality aluminum with excellent bearing pulley, which enhances the flexibility, locking, ease of use and practicality of the shower door opening and closing, Excellent aluminum and pulleys improve the security performance DABBL shower enclosure. Through continuous destructive tests prove that DABBL shower enclosures durable can greatly reduce the chance of accidental shower. Dabbl provide different types of shower enclosures such as corner shower enclosure, quadrant shower enclosure, glass shower enclosure, walk in shower enclosure, frameless shower enclosure, custom shower enclosure, bathroom shower enclosure

DABBL shower enclosure, as one of the well-known brands of shower enclosure that people-oriented, safety and quality problems of shower enclosure is higher than all, from design and manufacturing to product testing factory have been strictly controlled, will ensure safety in place, to create a safe and secure environment for consumers to shower, truly become a good enjoy.