Why Should I Choose a Pivot Shower Door?

Pivot Shower Doors

Have you made the decision the decision to redecorate your bathroom, or perhaps you just wish to update your shower enclosures for a modern look and you have realized just how much choice is available! Confused – don’t be, here at Dabbl Shower Enclosure we are looking at every type of shower door so we can help you make the right decision. Today we are looking at pivot shower doors.

A pivot shower door is a single panel of glass, which opens outwards, similar to a hinge door. This allows you to maximise your showering space. It does mean that the pivot door protrudes into your bathroom, so make sure that you have enough space to allow for the full swing of the door. Each door has two pivot points located at the top and bottom of the shower doors that allow it to swing outwards. This type of door allows a slightly smaller opening than a hinged door. The beauty of a pivot door is that it opens the third way to form the edges so it doesn’t fully open out into your room, suitable for a bathroom with limited space.

Pivot shower doors are suitable for use with all types of showers and come in a wide range of sizes that fit perfectly within a bathroom or en-suite. Pivot doors are extremely popular due to part of the door pivoting back inside the shower tray. this makes the door far more practical and creates less obstruction inside the room. The doors are supplied complete with adjustable wall profiles that allow for easy fitting and take care of any unlevelled walls, the profiles also allow the door to be adjusted allowing it to be fitted within an alcove or a corner of the room when purchased with the optional side panel.