Bathroom Design-shower enclosure

The bathroom of 3.8 square meters can be separated from wet and dry, so it’s so good at installing!

The Instance

Decoration examples

In terms of style, the male protagonist prefers a modern style that is mainly functional, while the female protagonist has very high requirements for appearance, and personally is more enthusiastic about French style. “Fresh, elegant, elegant and intellectual

Before the design was launched, the female homeowner separately went to several design teams to communicate the plan, but due to various reasons such as budget and individual needs, after shopping around, she resolutely entrusted the design to the designer of Dabbl shower room .


Design file

Client: Mr. Wu

Bathroom area: about 3.78㎡

Requirements: Ensure safety and avoid depression


Design ideas

Analysis of bathroom layout.

The bathroom is a vertical rectangle, the door is in the center, the opposite is the pillar, and the window is opened on the left back wall. At the request of Mr. Cheng, the bathing space should be as large as possible, and the bathroom cabinets, vanity mirror, and toilet should be properly matched. , Can’t make the whole space look too depressing.



Dabbl VR’s unique simplicity and beauty, coupled with the designer’s careful design, the shower space as a whole presents a very simple and decent look and feel, and also makes the entire bathroom have an extraordinary temperament, not only the lighting effect is wonderful, but the potted plants in the corners also add spring. The full sentiment brings surprises and fun to the shower time.


VR has simple and stylish handles, hand-polished, all stainless steel forging, comfortable grip, and can hang bath towels and other items, very convenient and practical.


Because the reserved position is relatively special, the installation difficulty is higher than ordinary. VR’s adjustable wall clamp design just solves this problem. The wall clamp can be adjusted in both directions, which can easily solve the installation problem. To


In terms of dry and wet separation, VR is also easy to do. The 304 stainless steel water-retaining substrate is not only stable and durable, but also prevents water from leaking. The waterproof magnetic strip between the glass and the glass can lock the door gap tightly. water proof.