Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Brand Shower Room and Ordinary Shower Room Choice

With the pace of the city’s life faster and faster, each person’s life seems to have become the life of the company — family two lines. So it is very important to meet the challenges of tomorrow in a good state. A good brand shower can provide this guarantee. why? When you go after a day of exertion the best way to relax.

A good brand shower doors at this time the role is very prominent. In this way, the shower room is essential to our lives, although we often hear some of the shower room glass blew some of the comments, indeed, the ordinary tempered glass shower doors if you do not replace the glass for a long time or no film. This may happen. Brand shower room and ordinary shower room difference is not just the shower room quality problems.

First, the ultimate luxury design personality

A suitable shower room allows you to enjoy the pressure to release the brand, the brand shower room with high-grade, anti-corrosion, durable and excellent features with the super metal texture of stainless steel perfect knot. Together, the people on the shower dream comfort and practical function of the most incisive, people’s shower space to create the dream and comfort, showing a high-end, fashion and the ultimate luxury charm. Dabbl shower enclosures brand will be the combination of Chinese culture and modern fashion, designed a simple style noble, delicate and meticulous style, functional and convenient, the appearance of great artistic beauty and very user-friendly shower products for every consumer to create comfortable and relaxed, body and mind free shower living space. And the shower room of the world pure, allowing you to use the process, with a comfortable and relaxed mood to enjoy.

Second, security and stability is not easy to blow

General ordinary shower room for the cost of the use of semi-steel or not up to 3C standard security tempered glass manufacturing shower room, the name of the banner of tempered glass. In fact, even to meet the 3C safety standards of tempered glass, a little bit of cracking means that the whole piece of glass within the stress distribution has been destroyed, of which Foshan Dabbl Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. developed a homogeneous glass shower room to the greatest extent reduced The fragmentation of the glass takes place. Tempered glass blew the reason is the glass manufacturing process mixed with sulfur and nickel impurities, at high temperatures to generate nickel sulfide. Nickel sulfide has two kinds of crystallization, high temperature (t> 380 ℃) is α phase, low temperature is β phase. In the steel due to rapid cooling, α phase is less than converted into β phase. During the use of the process, the normal temperature of the α phase slowly converted into a stable β phase, accompanied by about 4% of the volume expansion caused by tempered glass blowing. The role of homogeneous glass shower room is to completely change the nickel sulfide α phase into a low-temperature stable β phase, thereby preventing the glass from blowing.

Third, the brand shower room after the sale of security

Shower doors after a certain period of use, it will inevitably be a variety of small situation: the wheels are not smooth, hinges are abnormal general situation is not a quality problem can pass

Dealers want to shower room manufacturers apply for a replacement. In the shower industry, there are generally free replacement guidelines, some of which shower room manufacturers will even have wheels, hinges and shafts for ten years free replacement parts and maintenance (for quality problems and affect the normal use of functional areas). This kind of brand shower room to use more peace of mind.