Buy Shower Room Must Know the Skills, for Their Own Best

Shower Doors

With the shower room explosion, this new bathroom products also entered thousands of households, more and more people choose to install a shower room to enhance their bath experience. Now all kinds of shower products on the market dazzling, the price difference is amazing, which gives us a lot of difficulties to buy.
If you want to buy a high quality and reliable shower room, what should you know?
One, from the visual and tactile judgement, believes that their own intuitive experience.
The shape of shower enclosure is beautiful. A beautiful appearance, the details of the impeccable shower room, will certainly become the first choice for perfectionists.
The opening door direction of the shower enclosure is comfortable. Suitable for large bathrooms, the switch is easy and effortless. General high-quality corner, frameless, walk in, quadrant shower enclosure selection of high-quality pulleys, are rigorously tested, in load-bearing, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion performance, sliding smooth and smooth, low noise.
Sliding door sliding to smooth, use the tempered glass shower door. Tempered glass is the most important part of the shower enclosure and the easiest part of the problem. Therefore, we must pay attention to distinguish between tempered glass and ordinary glass, to avoid bad business with ordinary glass shoddy. You can hit the glass by hand, if heard the sound crisp, it is tempered glass; the sound boring, it is non-tempered glass.
Two, the quality of the shower strip
Smell whether there is rare delicacy, the normal pvc material will not have pungent taste. Have a look, you can see the quality of the tape, relatively cheap strip surface will not be very bright, it is best not to buy those appearance is not bright strip.