DABBL Custom Shower Enclosure, highlighting the personality and self

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At present, the shower enclosure industry is gradually expanding in the domestic market, the market is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas, the inland market is still relatively narrow, however, due to the low threshold of the corner shower enclosure, quadrant shower enclosure, frameless shower enclosure, glass shower enclosure, walk in shower enclosure industry, resulting in uneven product in the industry, many consumers However, many consumers are quite interested in the field of customized shower enclosures, prompting many shower enclosure brand products to be more humane and personalized. So, what is the reason prompted the & custom shower enclosure rise?

It is understood that the current renovation of the mainstream is 80’s generation; they are chasing the fashion trend, so personalized shower enclosure sought after. Coupled with the irregularity of some owners of the bathroom at home, so the demand for customized shower enclosure increased, and gradually become the mainstream shower enclosure industry. In this case, many shower enclosure brands, which custom shower enclosure made satisfactory? Indeed, the current number of domestic shower brand, but cannot customize a lot of non-standard, because the custom shower enclosure needs a strong brand strength can be done, and Deng Yu shower enclosure is precisely one of the powerful manufacturers . Since its establishment in 2005, it has been dedicated to the field of customized shower enclosures. There are hundreds of self-developed products, many of which have been patented and the products are sold all over the world. So, what is the reason DABBL custom shower enclosure by everyone welcome it? According to insiders, DABBL shower enclosure products have always been very intelligent, personalized for the majority of consumers with smoothly, wash the rest assured, and the technical content of products in the same industry is ahead. From the shower enclosure, smooth sliding door design, there is almost no jamming phenomenon, especially frameless shower enclosure design, very convenient for the elderly and children. Shower pulley after tens of thousands of push-pull test, smooth. From the price, the cost so far on the market is high; the average wage-wage families can afford to be the vast majority of consumers love to see the product. In terms of safety, the safety performance of the shower enclosure has been greatly improved. The explosion-proof shower enclosure can withstand the impact of a 45-kg sandbag. The leak test of the door seam cannot be expected. In summary, DABBL shower enclosure manufacturers in the field of custom shower has many advantages, is the leader in custom shower enclosure brand.