Dabbl Shower BC3 Series

[Dabbl Shower BC3 Series|New Upgrade] High-quality texture, no one can refuse!

Dabbl shower room BC3 Nuoer series

The new upgrade

With concise and pure design techniques

Interpret minimal space

Bright design illustrates another meaning



Design inspiration

In pure space

Simple and elegant, showing the true state of each element as noble as it is

Rhythm and abundance under the rules



The return of a minimalist lifestyle



-Design Points-


Keep it simple

In the design process, elegant and simple elements are selected, and redundant elements are discarded, showing that the entire space is exquisite, comfortable, simple and atmospheric.


Extremely narrow and thick frame design The upper rail and left and right frames are the narrowest in the industry at 28mm, and the lower rail is as narrow as 30mm. The thickened all-stainless steel frame is stable and thick.



The in-line hook-shaped shaft pull handles are comfortable to hold, highlight the soft lines and pay attention to the customer’s tactile experience. The rounded grip experience allows you to push and pull easily. At the same time, it can also be used to hang bath towels and other supplies. The humanized design gives you a full and comfortable experience.

Stainless steel lower track pulley design, select 304 stainless steel pulley, smooth sliding, fashionable and novel.

10mm glass material reduces sloshing, adopts a down-rail structure, has stronger bearing capacity, and can be made larger in customized sizes

The double-groove and double-wheels are matched with the silencer guide block to run smoothly and give you steady happiness.


The sound-absorbing and anti-collision block design against the wall makes it silent while pushing and pulling, so that the family will not be disturbed. The imported silica gel, shock absorption and silence make the glass open and close freely.


The lower guide rail uses an automatically adjustable balance wheel, combined with its unique anti-derailment glass clamp, to open and close super smoothly and naturally effortlessly. It is still very silent when moving, and the hand feel is superb, making the bathing experience more comfortable.

The inner flat structure design of the guide rail is on the same plane as the glass. It can conduct water smoothly without water accumulation, dustproof, easy to clean and worry-free. It can effectively prevent the outflow of water droplets and truly separate dry and wet.


The double sliding door design is more casual and easy to enter and exit, and does not leave a sanitary corner. The automotive-grade tempered glass also uses nano easy-to-clean technology to bid farewell to scale stains and yellowing troubles.


Elegant black, mirror light, gun ash, and brushed gold can be customized at will, playing with the pioneer of shower fashion, so that the space contains unique artistic charm, while giving more individual expression, classic fashion, light luxury and elegance, simple luxury and nobility.


Case Studies


Owner: Ms. Yu

City: Shanghai

Area: 5.2㎡

Style: light, luxurious and simple

Bathroom products: Dabbl BC3-C722 shower door


Do wet and dry separation, and maximize the space utilization, Miss Yu

In every space designed with care, there will be a certain expectation of the residents for a longing life.