DABBL Shower Enclosure several beautiful temperaments, which one do you like it

Shower Enclosures

Paris Fashion show just ended some time ago is simply & pleasing & unfortunately, the reasons for the trip did not catch up. Although the Paris fashion show did not catch up, but the bathroom temperament can still get together. No big leggy beauty, there is no price underwear; we have to have their own minor tune. Or let us appreciate the beauty of DABBL shower enclosure it!

Bathroom is a water-related space, perhaps it is because of this, and the bathroom space is always agile with water temperament. With the water, the bathrooms temperament is varied, just like the current urban girl, or pure, or tolerant, or refreshing, or ethereal or playful, after wearing different costumes or applying different powder, it is always different temperament presented in front of people, then you will choose what kind of bathroom and their own companions? We work together to test what kind of bathroom style is more suitable for you.


If you like nature, standard, without any breath of atmosphere, then there is no need to change the original appearance of water through the bathroom products, your bathroom should be filled with the most primitive water, the most romantic and most widely known temperament — – romantic . So, as long as you choose those who look the most common, the most temperament of the bathroom products, you can certainly enjoy the fun of the bathroom. In an array of colored bathroom products, the most suitable for you is white, whether it is filled with youthful and romantic egg blue white or elegant refined pearl white, unique and unique shape against the background, all the perfect shape of water polish.


Water gives the feeling of always being tolerant and warm, you have a successful career of some age, family and beauty, temperament has become calm, you may not be as young as the pursuit of some kind of publicity Personality, you want to express just a kind of straightforward tolerance, it's a way of treating others and the way you treat yourself. If you really meet these qualities, then do not hesitate, thick and practical wooden bathroom products is definitely your best choice.


Perhaps glass is the closest artificial product to water, and nothing resembles the refreshing feeling that water can bring to people like glass, whether in the reprocessing of light or in perceptual associations. Glass, if used properly, often adds a penetrating element to the space. Glass ware just to meet people’s desire. Its soft lines, the unique effect of light refraction, texture looming are so easily touched. With the emergence of glass sanitary ware, so that bathroom design can be enriched with more modern sense: Simple streamlined shape, exquisitely carved texture, crisp, light feeling of space, bathroom decoration not only for the personalized decoration provides more choices possible, but also to people who like the modern decorative style provides a new choice. Ethereal Blue sky can make you feel happy, doubled in spirit, which is why? This may be related to the blue ethereal and it expresses the inexhaustible meaning. Infinite expansion of the universe, ebb and flow, these represent the world is quietly changing. At the end of the spectrum it is navy blue, cyan (velvety violet-blue from indigo dye) and ice blue, all with an ever-changing blue color. No matter what kind of blue you choose home to do the color, it represents a cool and calm.


Colorful orange and green for the bold change of young people. In China or Japan, orange symbolizes love and happiness. The orange incense is one of three fruits of blessing in Buddhism, and the orange lotus represents the precepts of Sanskrit. The three primary colors yellow plus blue can be one of the three synthetic colors of green; the traditional green represents the balance and harmony. Green is the color of the landscape, reminiscent of life, a natural symbol of birth, growth, and demise.

As we all know, there are many kinds of green in nature, such as olive green, mint green, bean green, green lime are ordinary and simple. Most of the green, as they are in nature, can easily become harmonious. Think green fruits and vegetables, such as sour apples, cabbage and konjac flour, that add goodness to the color of the decor. So many special corner shower enclosures, walk in shower enclosures, quadrant shower enclosures, glass shower enclosures, frameless shower enclosures which one do you like?