DABBL VR series shower Enclosure

DABBL VR series shower Enclosure | new product on the market] Minimalist Italian! Score points for quality home life

Take time to turn


Cutting-edge design, natural styling


A posture of simplicity


You’ll never forget it


DABBL  VR dazzling listing


New Arrival

DABBL  new shower room VR series


Concise fashion


Every stroke was just right


Comfortable tian Ya, quiet enjoy bath

Design concept

DABBL VR series shed unnecessary decorations, aiming to use the most concise design brush strokes, condensed the most quiet space context.




Comfortable and comfortable, spread in the air, the skin wherever it goes, delicate lingering, as warm and clear as the stream.


Minimal narrow edge package frame design

Nordic style that goes with fashion

10mm minimalist narrow frame design,

Reduce visual impairment;

304 stainless steel frame structure,

Up to 60kg,

Let shower room bid farewell to bulky feeling, safety is still.

Glass clamps

Glass clamps are designed with glass perforation,

Lock the glass,

After 30,000 closed tests,

Glass doesn’t tilt and fall.




Integrated mechanical girdle structure

A solid support

304 stainless steel integral frame rod,

Stable structure, no welding port,

It’s more supportive,

To build a safe shield for you.



Multi-angle fitting installation

To install

Adjustable wall clip,

Correction of ground corner construction errors,

Avoid safety problems caused by improper operation.


Not a screw in sight

Concise and beautiful

Hinge, wall clip, handle

All have hidden screw structure,

Not a screw in sight,

Give you beautiful visual experience;

Dustproof and rust proof, clean without trouble.

Wall clip & hinge

Rotating shaft hinge design

Opening and closing smoothly

Shaft hinge design,

Good load-bearing, smooth opening and closing,

Guarantee the movable door is not easy to fall, durable for 20 years

Large Angle open space

In and out freely

Ultra wide Angle hinge design,

The opening Angle of 155° is 30% higher than that of ordinary shower room.


Free access

Exquisite stainless steel one – line handle

The hand feels comfortable

Pure hand-polished stainless steel handle, comfortable grip,

For daily toiletries,

Uniform force, comfortable grip,

The little things that are thoughtful about you and your family


Delicate shake handshandle

Stainless steel magnetic coated edge suction strips

Waterproof effect level 1

Using stainless steel magnetic suction structure,

Strong shrinkage elasticity, good sealing effect,

Waterproof grade one,

In addition to effective protection,

Make the door more smooth and silent.

Every time I open the door, I feel disconnected

All the noise and din,

Let you release tired mind in quiet space.

Stainless steel magnetic strip