Decoration case

Decoration case | 4.9 square meters bathroom, neighbors watched and called for comfort and decompression


Design and home belong to the same

Are all in it



The owner is a young couple with a dog. They used to work in the field of design and architecture, hoping that their home would be quiet and comfortable.

design example

Client: Miss Gan

Bathroom area: about 4.9 square meters. Requirements: simple and stylish, separated from wet and dry


design concept

(1) House type anatomy.

The bathroom is the main bathroom of the living room. The internal space is basically rectangular. At the request of Ms. Gan, the bathroom must not only place a toilet, but also install a bathroom cabinet, vanity mirror, etc. Of course, the most important thing is the separation of dry and wet-shower room.


(2) Space design.

In order to maximize the use of space and reduce obstacles to use, the bathroom is divided into dry and wet areas with a straight shower room, and the three major baths are initially planned to be placed in three corners. Make the daily life activity line more convenient and reasonable, and the dry separation is also convenient for the family to use.




In this case, a more space-saving flat-shaped shower room is adopted. Dabbl BC3 series has the most popular ultra-narrow frame, stylish and simple appearance, standard diamond explosion-proof film and nano easy-to-clean technology, giving you a safe and clean bath. Space to enjoy.



After the shower room is settled, the placement of other bath utensils can be referenced. The designer has arranged a bath towel hook next to it, and a simple shelf is placed next to the shower room for easy access.


Because the bathroom space is relatively small, the designer chooses Dabbl BC3-C722 screen shower room for convenience. The double sliding door design reduces sanitary dead angles and at the same time solves the limitation of the door opening direction in small spaces. Larger door opening space can not only minimize the presence of the door, but also maximize the space utilization and optimize the use experience.

Customer Reviews

Ms. Gan: I chose Dabbl’s BC3 series shower room at the beginning because I really liked its extremely narrow appearance. The overall look is very simple, and it matches my bathroom very well.


Designer: The biggest feature of Miss Gan’s bathroom is that the space is divided into two with the shower room. Not only makes the space and layout more reasonable, but also separates the wet and dry to make the bathroom more tidy and dry.