Help city development, DABBL shower room 2017 project look back

Shower Enclosures

Because of clever design philosophy, Because of professional and meticulous engineering services

More because of customer needs

DABBL shower room in the country, both at home and abroad constant praise of the Engineering industry from large communities in South China to domestic and overseas colleges

DABBL shower room project around the world

Northern University Attached to Sanshui College of Foreign Languages The School is affiliated with the Foreign Language and Culture University of Sanshui Foreign Languages School, which features & bilingual (bilingual teaching) and & double Complex (multiple foreign languages to develop complex talents). Bilingual students, Primary and secondary education, receive the GVA primary and junior high school graduation certificates from Colorado while receiving a diploma from SFSCU. Deng-yu

Designed specifically for the college teachers apartment products designed for selfless teachers to create a comfortable, safe shower room.

Zhuhai – Golden Tulip

Golden domain Ti Xiang is located in the main city of Zhuhai – the heart of Xiangzhou District, Jiuzhou Avenue, next to the State 4A-level scenic spot next to the new Ming Yuan, Zhuhai is also the only national 4A scenic properties for sale. Combined with the design concept of the community tropical gardens, DABBL shower room integrates the features of the units, humanized design concept, and the products are

highly praised by the owners.

Shenzhen – Gold Mid-Levels, Royal Long Garden The Mid-Levels of the Royal Palace boasts magnificent scale, abundant courtyard landscapes and many other advantages with a total construction area of nearly 1 million square meters and is developed in different phases. About 120,000 square meters of gold Mid-Levels business formally named & China Resources Vientiane Hui& by the China

Resources Land under the Vientiane city commercial team to create a regional business center. DABBL to higher than the developer standards from the quality, safety, economy, provided the perfect shower products. Jiayu Hill is located in Shenzhen City, one of the 13 key development areas of Science and Technology Metro Center lot, the surrounding schools, commercial, subway and other supporting mature. DABBL shower room, shower enclosure for the project needs a clever concept of special units, providing the perfect solution. Higher School of Algeria Hotel Management Algerian Institute of Advanced Hotel Management. Deng Yu shower room as a domestic supplier to stand out, the design concept of close fit project, college students facing the world of high-end hotel shower space made a perfect interpretation. Steal a lazy here Temporarily listed the above major projects 2018 DABBL continue to enhance the solution Efforts to create a comfortable, safe shower environment!