How To Get The Right Size Of Shower Opening

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One of the question that is asked quite a many times is how big should be the opening of the shower? It s a legitimate question and an important one at that. On one side you want the biggest opening to enter into and get out of the shower while on the other side you want it to be small enough that it doesn’t get pooled with water. Both the options have their merits as ease to get in or out of shower whether you are walking, shuffling or using a wheelchair has its convenience. At the same time if water gets pooled, it could lead to leakage in the floor. So, how are you going to find the right sized opening.

Here we are going to discuss a few points that will help you in getting the right design and size of your shower opening.

  1. Who is going to use it

The first thing that you need to consider is who is going to use the shower not only now but in future also. You have to identify those people as in your son, daughter or anyone else, so that they can easily accommodate in the opening. You don’t want your shower to be unusable in the future! The design will definitely need some tweaking but at least you won’t have to rip out your brand new shower.

  1. Ways to get into the shower

Are you going to walk straight in or step sideways? It may not sound like a legitimate question to you but it is a practical one. If you would be using the most preferred way that is walking straight in, take the width of the shoulders of the person who will be using it. Go for a shoulder to shoulder measurement that is largest, for just in case. If you are fine with the sideways, then measure the depth that involves the girth of stomach or you can simply consider both!

  1. Ramping up, rolling in or stepping over

Here, you have to consider all the family members of the family that are going to use the shower. A shower curb would be good to keep the water inside and a breeze for your kids to step over. But it could be a huge problem for your elderly mother or father, especially if they are mobility challenged. A 4 inch tall curb for small showers would be a good choice but not for people with limited mobility. You can also go for either one level means your shower entry would be in level with the bathroom or a low curb of about one and a half inches tall.

  1. Type of door you are going to use

Walk in showers are gaining huge popularity but they aren’t practical for every situation, especially if you have a small shower. A frame-less door will provide you a larger finished opening than a framed door. The frame-less system, will give a more luxurious look but it is costly compared to other ones.

  1. One or more opening

The glass showers which are either curved or has L shaped design gives you two openings. One would be an entry opening for you to step in the shower. The other one that is the interior opening, it will direct the water into the wet area. If you have a small interior opening, it can give the shower a cramped feeling.
On asking these questions, you will get the design and the size of the shower opening that suits you best. If you are looking for glass shower doors, contact us and get to know more about glass shower room ideas.