The Kaidi Shower Door of DABBL is coming to market soon. Most contracted and easy matching

Began to yearn for simplicity after having seen all kinds of complications,

In the stress of a busy life,

Under the tense interpersonal relationship and tedious work .

So much people are eager to get home to unload the armor.

Find the peace in your heart,

return to the original essence of residence

Then, contracted wind is popular gradually rise

Its simplicity and purity

Silence and grace are like ripples that slowly melt away

Give a little hope to the monotony of life

A lot of people think minimalism is simplicity

But minimalism doesn’t really mean less

Not all things are thrown away

It’s really thinking about what you need

Reduce it so that you can see the “important”

Most contracted and easy matching

The series of Kaidi/H831,Large area of glass and very narrow frame as the main material.Emphasize the open feeling of the space with simple line, extremely brief modelling, cabinet and exquisite, simple and agile.

All 304 stainless steel material, forged a tough appearance.

Effectively ensure the strength of the door frame, the structure is more durable.

10X30 extremely narrow stainless steel pipe jacking integrated design,

Stable as a rock · beautiful and concise;

Simplify after all, build relaxed vision to enjoy

Match industry high standard white crystal tempered glass

Select primary float glass

Through advanced German imported steel equipment for full steel,

High purity, high safety, light transmittance up to 91.5%,

The naked eye is transparent.

Just like crystal clear, let a person infatuation

Unique shape handle, all 304 stainless steel grinding.

The lines are simple and clear, and the grip feels comfortable.

The handle can hang bathrobe towel.

Humanized design in fashion,

Skillful and intimate.

Shower Room handles and hinges are smooth,

And do a nice chamfer,

Provide 360° safety protection

Small strip flat hinge locking glass

Stainless steel and rock-solid

Wear-resistant, open and close quietly and gently.

The exquisite hinge looks clean and neat.

Exquisite workmanship,

Minimize the gap between the glass,

Streamlined and transparent gasbag waterproof strip

Close to the wall, watertight

Waterproof function is very powerful.

For the open door of shower door, its moving parts are door clips.

Most of the door clips used in DABBL shower door are made of 304 stainless steel with high hardness, strong tensile resistance and high corrosion resistance.

In order to ensure the performance of the door clamp and prevent the falling of the movable door, each new door clamp should be tested before it comes out to ensure that the shower room equipped with the door clamp can remain intact after 30,000 consecutive door opening tests, 50 kg impact body stability tests and 24-hour static load 50K weight tests.