Modern Shower Room idea by DABBL

Gray, in color science, belongs to the middle color,

It means that it is neither warm nor cool,

It’s something in between.

For intermediate colors, in the principle of color matching,

It can go with any color,

Grey is the most beautiful in the eyes of designers.

The most mysterious color, it can deduce rich administrative levels feeling.

Grey concept, low-key and rich texture

And the household shower room that gray attune, accumulate accumulate contain a luxury in low-key

Temperament is special, let integral atmosphere become elegant and deep

Like fermented wine, the taste is fragrant, but not the product

Through the collocation of soft outfit make fashionable artistic glamour

Show the distinctive individual character of gray

By the young people love and chase after.

DABBL shower room FF-C722 fenfei grey series,

More and more favored and loved by customers,

Its through clean and neat line and intense gray vision wallop

Create personalized art shower room

SUS304 all stainless steel frame, diamond cut profile

Strength and appearance level coexist

Double track four wheel design, stable and smooth quiet

Bevel pulley with buffer structure,

No fear of the power switch heart bath

Show the distinctive individual character of gray

By the young people love and chase after.


DABBL shower room VW-H831 nuoku grey series,

Advanced and elegant, build a kind of fashionable and contracted visual effect

Stainless steel square mechanical top pipe forming, stable as a rock;

Thick fine copper diamond face hinge, open and close stable and safe mute;

Super wide Angle door, make the entry and exit barrier smaller,

Easier movement;

304 stainless steel safety clamp, lock the glass never fall.

The household shower room that uses gray department is tie-in,

Let whole space become costly and concise,

Highlight the attitude of modern city life.


Dabbl gray series shower room

Very accord with the aesthetic grade of contemporary urbanite.

Have you been planted with grass?


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