Modern and Simple – Diamond Shower enclosure

Not long ago, Ms. Zhu recently bought a new house in a second-tier city. She has a soft spot for modern simplicity. Considering that there are old and small, and the bathroom layout is limited, the designer and Ms. Zhu both fancy Dabbl shower room NE move. Door shower room.

And specially booked Dabbl shower room designer’s door-to-door service. From free measurement to free design of renderings to free delivery to door installation, the safety and beauty of Ms. Zhu’s bathroom were realized.

Design file owner: Ms. Zhu

Area: 3.78㎡

Style: modern and simple

Requirements: dry and wet separation, high space utilization


Case description

1/Floor analysis. What Ms. Zhu needs to decorate is the secondary bathroom, which is a relatively symmetrical rectangle. Considering that the bathroom space is relatively limited, but also to meet the needs of the owner’s bathroom cabinet and vanity, so choose the most space-saving Dabbl NE diamond sliding door shower House.


2/ Dry and wet separation, high space utilization. According to the type of bathroom, a diamond shower room can be used to separate dry and wet. At the same time, due to the consideration of space utilization, Dabbl NE sliding door shower room is finally selected. The sliding door is more space-saving than the flat door, and takes up more space. Small, does not waste every inch of bathroom space. The final effect is presented

According to the line of health, the designer used the Dabbl sliding door shower room to separate the bathroom from dry to wet. On the left of the shower room is the bathroom cabinet and towel rack on the right, which maximizes the space utilization.


The whole fittings are all polished with 304 stainless steel, so there is no fear of the wet environment in the bathroom. After strict acid salt spray test, the structure is stable, corrosion-resistant and not easy to rust, and can be used in a humid bathroom environment for a long time.

The designer specially selected a 1.2-meter minimalist and wishful long handle, which became a highlight of the bathroom, which can be easily opened by the elderly and children; this kind of handle is evenly stressed and has a comfortable grip. It can also be used to place daily necessities, from every detail. Consider the user experience.