New Home Decoration most complete shower room selection guide, super practical.

In the present bathroom decoration, the shower door is an indispensable part of the bathroom. Because a safe and high-quality shower room can play many roles:


  • Dry and wet separation. It can avoid the area of water that prevents children and the elderly from slipping;
  • Keep the bathroom dry and reduce the growth of bacteria
  • Reduce fog, so as to extend the service life of bathroom appliances, home furnishings and walls.
  • Cold proof and warm keeping


But many people will worry about whether the shower door is safe, the glass breaks, collapses, leaks and other problems, so how to choose a high-quality shower door? What are the styles of shower door? You will understand after reading the shower door selection strategy brought by this edition

1、Choose the right style according to the house type and area

At present, the shower doors on the market are arc-shaped, Quadrant shaped, square shaped, diamond shaped, U-shaped and straight-line, etc., which can be selected according to the pattern of the bathroom at home.


One line shower door

Applicable family: it is suitable for the narrow and long bathroom. The space inside is separated and separated by a glass sliding door. Almost half of the families will choose this one because the price is more affordable, no need to add chassis, as long as a water bar can be added.

DABBL BP-C722 minimalist series

Square shower door

Applicable family: It is suitable with square bathroom area and enough space. It has sufficient internal space, does not affect the normal bath, and is more convenient to clean than other styles.

DABBL VW-H831 Nook Series

Diamond shower door

Applicable family: If the bathroom area is not large, you can choose diamond shower door. It just occupies the position of a wall corner. In the design, it can not only make people comfortable in the internal use, but also make it convenient to leave the channel of external space.

DABBL VH-H131 Kaidi Series

Quadrant shower door

Applicable to family: This style of shower door is fashionable and changeable with large or small area. It is suitable for different bathroom spaces. The owners who choose it will be equipped with chassis, which looks more integrated.

DABBL FK-C342 Banyan Series

2Select safety explosion-proof glass

After choosing the style of shower door according to the room type of bathroom in your home, you should start from the core part of shower door– glass. This is the most important part of choosing shower door, because the safety of glass is very important.

When you purchase, you should recognize the 3C mark engraved by laser (China Compulsory Product Certification) or the 3C certificate provided by the manufacturer. Toughened glass belongs to safety glass, with stronger resistance to wind pressure, heat and cold, impact. When the glass is damaged by external force, the fragments will form small blunt angle particles similar to honeycomb, which is not easy to cause harm to human body.

Dabbl shower door glass is all the original float glass provided by Shenzhen Nanbo group (China). The toughening technology has passed 3C certification, and the toughening coefficient meets the national standard. Not only that, every piece of  glass that leaves the factory, Dabbl will stick high-quality tempered glass explosion-proof film for free. At the same time, every piece of our glass is insured by Ping An insurance of China.

Each glass is equipped with nano easy cleaning profile as standard, which is free from hanging dirt and contamination. When bathing, the splashed water will fall off quickly, which is very convenient for cleaning.

The toughened glass door should be 8-10 cm thick, too thin is obviously more fragile, too thick has poor thermal conductivity, is more likely to cause self explosion due to uneven heat dissipation, has higher load-bearing requirements for hardware, and has poor flexibility.

Therefore, it is recommended to select tempered glass with moderate thickness and anti explosion film.


3、Good glass with good profile, so the profile should be solid and durable

The profiles are metal frames that support and move toughened glass. The profiles often need to support tens or even hundreds of kilograms of glass weight, plus long-term wet state.If the quality is not qualified, it will affect the service life of the shower door.


The commonly used profiles are aluminum and stainless steel. The aluminum thickness of qualified shower door is more than 1.2mm. Dabbl’s aluminum is not only up to the standard, but also has high purity and uniform color. The stainless steel material has strong corrosion resistance after 48 hours and 10 level high standard salt spray test.

The stainless steel of Dabbl is sus austenitic stainless steel, which is the most hard and corrosion-resistant one among the stainless steel profiles. It mostly used in the bottom of the ship.


4、Look at the pulley, it should be light and smooth

If you want to pull and close smoothly, the quality of the pulley must be excellent.

The pulley can be said to be the core of the shower door, which is the guarantee to ensure the normal operation of the shower door. To some extent, the service life of the shower room depends on the number of times the pulley block is used. Dabbl shower door adopts self-lubricating and wear-resistant double wheels, high-strength POM material bearing adopts 440 stainless steel, fully enclosed and silent treatment, super corrosion-resistant, super wear-resistant and super silent; pulley seat and bracket adopt imported 304 stainless steel, which is very strong bearing.

In addition, for the pull-out shower door, Dabbl adopts the humanized buffered silicone PVC magnetic strip design at the edge of the glass door to create a more quiet and comfortable opening effect. At the same time, the water sealing ability is more prominent to effectively prevent water seepage during the shower.  ▲缓冲硅胶pvc磁条设计

5、Look at the collocation, it should be practical and comfortable

To create a more comfortable shower space, Dabbl shower door provides personalized customization, which can meet your needs in room type, glass, size, color, stone base and other aspects.