New products VR

New products VR

Use minimalist lines to outline

The most spiritual space

Elegant style, extraordinary charm

DABBL shower enclosure new VR launched!








The more contracted, the more delicate details need to grind.


Integral pull rod, stable support

Using SUS304 stainless steel profile forging, integrated rod structure simple and fashionable, smooth appearance, internal structure is stable, better supporting force; Build a safety barrier for you。



Simple and graceful long handle design, the use of seamless welding technology, skillfully show the delicate touch between each grasp, break through the tradition, exquisite technology makes the space to show the beauty of neat and smart texture.




Adjustable wall clip, front and back, left and right two-way adjustment, to achieve a perfect balance of comfort, flexibility and safety




PA66 anti-falling hinge design, the whole accessories are all polished with 304 stainless steel, with thick material,

The surface is full and full, creating a self-evident sense of high fashion。