The new shower door product of Dabbl. Low decibel, help you to have the quality of life

Art comes from life,

Beautiful life makes beautiful art.

Simple daily necessities,

Others can live it like a poem.

Simplicity is the pursuit, but extreme is the attitude,

The Carl BC2-C722 series of Dabbl shower doors

Shower Doors

Romantic, elegant, noble in one,

Let your imagination run wild,

Get rid of unnecessary embellishments,

Very narrow thick stainless steel frame modern aesthetic design,

Interpretation of dazzling texture;

The design of mountain structure with inner frame fits tightly with tempered glass.

Show the essence of stability and security


Transparent glass with 5H flameproof film

Reflecting a bright and pure light,

Safe and beautiful, added the brightness of the bathroom,

Such a minimalist style is perfectly suited

Modern people pursue simple and fashionable decoration style.

The design of lower track pulley is fashionable and novel

304 stainless steel pulley selection

Strong wear resistance, bearing capacity

With the original v-shaped track design,

The glass door is pushed and pulled smoothly to the greatest extent.

Smooth operation, prevent shaking, quiet smooth.

Inside the bottom rail is a pulley guide block,

Ensure that the glass and the profile do not collide,

Even if you push and pull hard,

It’s not too wobbly, it’s not too loud

Help your quality of life

Lower decibel, quiet enjoy a good time

The inner flat structure of guide rail is designed in the same plane as the glass.

Smooth water guide without accumulation of water, easy to clean dust without worry,

Effectively prevent the outflow of water droplets, real dry and wet separation.

Brass solid handle with exquisite artistic form,

Create fashionable and rhythmic product appearance;

Mirror light and aureate clever collocation, condensate gave birth to tender feeling, elegant

Make shower room integral design becomes fashionable and have administrative levels, have reiki.


Love is a joy at first sight, love is a long time.

And all the long places in the world,

It’s all about intentions.

Double sliding door design for BC2-C722 shower room,

Can say is bathroom joker holds concurrently the shower room design that does not pick a space first selection,

Whether your bathroom is rectangular or square,

It only needs the innermost bathroom space,

Push and pull left and right, space interchange.

What are you waiting for

Shower door choose TA!


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