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 Dabbl Shower Enclosure -DCB Series

Dabbl Shower Enclosure -DCB Series

9 Aug 2023
 Dabbl Shower Enclosure -DCB Series

Sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular, not just from a style point of view, but where space is limited, they offer a great space saving solution as they don’t require as much open peripheral space to function, compared to doors that swing from a hinge. One of popular sliding door from Dabbl Shower Enclosure-DCB Series.



The feature as following:

6mm thick safety glass

 6mm glass is the best of both worlds when it comes to this shower enclosure. It provides a study feel while being light enough to function well on rollers or hinges. The 6mm glass is thermally toughened for added strength and safety.


Smooth top & bottom rollers


Sliding doors are great providing they function properly and roll smoothly which is exactly what you get with these doors and their top and bottom mounted roller wheels. Quick release mechanism allows for easy cleaning of the glass panels and with a minimum of 50,000 uses in them you can be sure they won't wear out any time soon!

Strong aluminum profile

Two-piece wall profiles, can be adjust 0-20mm per side. Flat aluminum appearance, The upright profile with top ABS trim covers. With Smart high transparent seal.




Moreover, it has such product type: rectangle / square single sliding door with side panel, screen single sliding door. Single or double quadrant sliding door and so on.


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