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Aluminum profile for the shower room

Aluminum profile for the shower room

1 Dec 2023
Aluminum profile for the shower room

As long as the aluminum used in the shower room is a extrusion type aluminum profile, the extrusion type has a wide range of forming, and can design a rich and colorful beautiful shape, which greatly meets the requirements of designers for the design of the shower room.

There are two kinds of aluminum rod materials used in bathroom building materials, one is 6463T5, the other is 6063T5, aluminum doors and Windows and the general shower room brand is used 6063T5 aluminum rod, Dabbl aluminum is all used in high quality 6463T5, it contains high copper content, good hardness, less impurities, the cost is higher than the general aluminum profile. The content of each element of aluminum profile material is strictly controlled within the scope of national standards, and the shape size and surface state are in accordance with international quality standards.

From the aluminum surface treatment point of view, it is mainly divided into two kinds: a kind of aluminum surface using international standard arc powder spraying, the formation of surface color white, beige, matte black, bone color, etc., the spraying powder adhesion is strong, the surface is uniform, smooth, long does not fade; The other is through anodizing treatment, this method is actually to use a scientific method to make the surface of the aluminum oxidation, the oxidation film formed after oxidation to isolate the air and the internal aluminum to achieve the effect of corrosion resistance, through different treatment of the surface of the film to form different colors, colors are: Light silver, matte silver, sand silver, matte black, wire drawing, etc., this treatment has high surface hardness, strong corrosion resistance and good finish.



The thickness of the oxide film on the surface of the aluminum oxide determines the corrosion resistance of the surface of the aluminum, the thickness of the oxide film of the bathroom aluminum is generally 3-5u film thickness, through the 24-hour acid salt spray test, the normal environment can be used for 20 years without corrosion and discoloration.


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