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DABBL GA series diamond shower room

DABBL GA series diamond shower room

12 Aug 2023
DABBL GA series diamond shower room

Case sharing | small family bathroom to show big and delicate, quick to copy out the answer

The cases introduced in this issue

From the home of the 2000s in Jiangsu

Small and compact apartment

The overall design is minimalist, extreme, and practical

Best for busy office workers!

Small space can also do wet and dry separation
Rational use of Angle
Make a shower partition design
Dabbl GA series diamond shower room
Beautiful and better fit into the space.

PART 1-Design file

Minimalism - Normcore -

Client: Miss Tan from Jiangsu


Toilet area: about 9.6m²


Requirements: small apartment minimalist wind, dry and wet separation


PART 2-Effect presentation

Nordic minimalist design

Dabbl GA series diamond type shower room 10mm extremely narrow frame, stainless steel full edge structure design integrated mechanics seamless welding rod, standard with a minimalist font handle anti-falling rotary shaft hinge design, cannot see a screw.



02 Strong safety performance


Standard with BMW auto grade super toughened glass, safety upgrade. Add diamond explosion-proof film and nano technology, stronger performance. Inside and outside open hinge door anti sagging structure, hinge bearing stronger.Stainless steel frame profile, more secure and stable.



03 Practical and beautiful

Stainless steel minimalist vertical handle, beautiful fashion. The use of internal and external structure hinge, can meet different needs.

PART 3 Whole effect


Minimalism does not mean simplicity, It's extreme and minimal.

DABBL offers customized shower doors and shower enclosures that are constructed from high-quality materials and are offered at low wholesale costs.





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