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Dabbl Shower product GZ-HZ872

Dabbl Shower product GZ-HZ872

12 Aug 2023
Dabbl Shower product GZ-HZ872

Dabbl GZ series | fashionable joker, deduce linear beauty

Presenting a pure and smooth appearance with simple lines sweeping through every corner - Dabbl GZ series.


Dabbl Shower product GZ-HZ872

T-shaped shower room with inside and outside

Glass thickness: 8mm


Create a freehand space


Minimalist frame design,


Fashion Versatile


Enjoy a good shower time of pure freedom


Upgrade to protect shower safety


Integrated fence structure


Better stability


The bottom of the glass is wrapped with stainless steel edges


Increase the safety of the shower enclosure and make it more beautiful and atmospheric.



180° inside and outside for more freedom of entry and exit


Can meet both internal and external opening design, with a door opening angle of 180 °


Meet different habits and needs, making it more convenient to use.


Swivel type anti falling hinge with inner flat structure


Strong locking

Not a screw is exposed

Beautiful and durable, easy to disassemble and clean





Better waterproof


Stainless steel magnetic wrapped suction strip, with good sealing performance, durability, and resistance to yellowing and aging