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Dabbl Shower Room Tips on size ,glass,shape and so on

Dabbl Shower Room Tips on size ,glass,shape and so on

12 Aug 2022
Dabbl Shower Room Tips on size ,glass,shape and so on

1. Shower room products are in the shapes of straight line, diamond, square, fan and arc.

2. Shower room aluminum color: chrome, sand silver, brushed, white, red, black, etc.

3. The glass color of shower room includes: light glass, gray glass, frosted glass, frosted glass, and silk screen (see the silk screen diagram for details), and light glass is mainly used. (Note: When selecting the silk screen pattern, please consider whether the glass width of the shower room ordered and the pattern size selected are appropriate.)

4. If the customer does not specify the customized product of shower room, the height of the product refers to the net height of the room, excluding the height of chassis, stone base and tie rod.

5. In principle, the height of customized shower room shall not exceed 2000mm. In case of special circumstances where the height and width exceed the customized range, please consult DABBL Sanitary Ware Company for confirmation before receiving the order.

6. The handle on the movable door of shower room customized products (straight, diamond, square) can be replaced, while the handle on the movable door of fan customized products cannot be replaced. If the handle of the product is replaced, the model of the product cannot be changed.

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