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Do you know how to choose shower door glass

Do you know how to choose shower door glass

3 Nov 2022
Do you know how to choose shower door glass

1.Glass is divided into ordinary glass, hot-bent glass, tempered glass, semi-tempered glass and fully tempered glass. In the choice of shower room, in order to ensure the safety of consumers when using it, fully tempered glass must be strictly adopted.

2. The quality of fully tempered glass depends on the manufacturer and production quality of the original glass. The original glass is required to have less impurities, strong transparency, high glass flatness, and smooth hand feeling without water wave or unevenness. Consumers can identify the origin of the glass through the certification documents provided by the shower room manufacturer.

3. Dabbl use automotive-grade safety glass that meets the European BS6206 standard. These certification marks will be marked on the glass by silk-screen heat treatment to facilitate customer identification, but low-end products usually use viscose The film is marked on the product, and it is used to deceive consumers.

When choosing a shower enclosure, customers should strengthen their own identification ability, not only to listen to the introduction of business personnel, but also to touch and feel the product quality in person. In addition, consumer friends can also request the manufacturer to provide relevant quality certificates and supporting documents. , To further confirm the quality of the product.

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