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Dry And Wet Area Separation

Dry And Wet Area Separation

10 Nov 2023
Dry And Wet Area Separation

Bathrooms plays an important role in or day to day life. About 15 years ago, external bathrooms are provided with the basic requirements. Nowadays people treated their bathroom as their status symbol and that’s why we have to give more care in bathroom designing


Up to some years before bathrooms are always wet in nature and leads to the chances for the skidding. Then comes an idea of separation the bathroom in to two area. According to functional aspects, bathrooms is divided as washbasin, closet and bathing area. Washbasin and closet come under dry area and bathing area comes under wet. We have to control the flow of water from wet area to dry area by giving partition, like glass panels, curtains, plastic shower etc. or by providing difference in floor level.

Wet Area

Mainly bathing area comes under wet area. If the bathroom doesn’t have sufficient space for giving partitions, we can provide shower cubicles. From the ordinary type to luxurious type shower cubicles with shower panel, jaccuizi, sauna, etc.

Shower tray is a part of shower cubicle provided at the bottom. Shower is provided in the bathroom for the purpose of bathing. The function of shower is to spread the water.

Nowadays shower panels become more popular. Overhead shower, hand shower, hot and cold-water mixer controller, hydro massage juds ozonater, foot massage, etc. Shower cubicles also have the racks to keep CD player, cosmetic items, dresses etc.

Shower enclosure is used to give a partition, commonly tempered glasses are used for the partition.


These are available in different shapes, sizes and in awide variety of  colours. There may be precast or made in sitses the tubs contain juds for pressure regulation, and these are provided at the sides and bottom of the tub, so that water reaches every part of our body. To control the water pressure and water level touch pad is used (manually operated).

Hot and cold water mixer is also provided in the tub. It also has the space for keeping mobile, laptop etc. It also includes shower panels, pressure regulating juds, towel rack, ect.

Dry Area

Water closets and cisterns, washbasin, bidets, and closets belong to the dry area.

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