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Enjoy upgraded shower new experience          Dabbl NF new products

Enjoy upgraded shower new experience Dabbl NF new products

28 Mar 2024
Enjoy upgraded shower new experience          Dabbl NF new products

Are you tired of stereotypical shower enclosure designs? Now, with the diamond-shaped sliding door shower enclosure, everything has a new look.15MM high appearance level narrow edge design, so that simplicity and fashion perfect combination, let your shower enclosure become a beautiful scenery of the bathroom.



1Narrow edge aesthetics 

High appearance level design



With a unique 15mm narrow side design, our shower enclosure not only looks great, but also greatly enhances the sense of space, no matter the size of your bathroom, this diamond-shaped sliding door shower enclosure can bring you a new visual enjoyment.

2Upgrade super space

Door solid glass perfect fit




Space Wizard, make your bathroom instantly bigger! The perfect fit of the side sliding door and the solid glass not only looks beautiful and fashionable, but also increases the use space of the bathroom, making your bathing experience more comfortable and comfortable.


3Hidden pulley design

Safe and worry-free


Innovative design can always bring surprises. Our shower enclosure adopts upper and lower hidden pulley design, which is not only beautiful, but also increases the convenience and safety of use. Let you enjoy the bath at the same time, but also feel the intimate care.

Diamond-type sliding door shower enclosure combined with all-metal cladding, not only enhances the stability of the shower enclosure, but also greatly improves its endurance and safety.

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