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glass shower room or shower curtain

glass shower room or shower curtain

19 Dec 2023
glass shower room or shower curtain

When it comes to bathroom decoration, which one is better, glass shower room or shower curtain? Understand in seconds after reading it

When it comes to bathroom decoration, people can’t help but think of dry and wet separation. Usually, as far as the current decoration industry is concerned, there are two common ones, one is to use a glass shower room, and the other is to hang a shower curtain directly. Which one is better? You will find out after reading the following.

First of all, let’s talk about the glass shower room. From the appearance, it is beautiful and classy. Taking a bath in winter will be warmer. Of course, the shower area often alternates between hot and cold, so from a safety point of view, it must be Tempered glass is best. Of course, there is still the possibility of it exploding for some reason.

In addition, of course, glass shower rooms also have disadvantages. For example, the glass is difficult to clean over time and is not as easy to clean as imagined. Secondly, for smaller bathrooms, glass shower rooms will always appear crowded and take up space.

In terms of price comparison, the cost of a glass shower room is also higher than that of a shower curtain, especially tempered glass. Moreover, since it is a glass shower room, there must be small hardware on it, such as handles. Rust and corrosion are common in bathrooms with heavy moisture for a long time.

To sum up, if you are renovating your bathroom and are planning to install a glass shower room, you need to be careful when choosing materials. Of course, if your bathroom itself is not very big, then choosing a shower curtain is the most practical option.


Of course, shower curtains also have shortcomings. Although shower curtains can block light and water, and are easy to change and wash, for young people who live a casual life, if your life itself is not quite satisfactory, then you may have to change it every day. You may also feel irritable. Furthermore, a wet shower curtain can easily stick to your naked body. If you have mysophobia, you will probably look very anxious.

Finally, let’s introduce another trendy approach regarding bathroom shower partitions. Brick shower partitions can be said to be better than the above two methods in terms of economy, environmental protection, durability and beauty, and we are often chosen. The owners of brick shower partitions are young people who are very fashionable in life and have certain requirements in decoration style. As shown in the picture below, you might as well take a closer look

How about, after reading these brick shower partitions, do you now have a new understanding of wet and dry partitions? Welcome to leave a message and let’s discuss it together.


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