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How much do you know about shower enclosure waterproof strips?

How much do you know about shower enclosure waterproof strips?

21 Nov 2023
How much do you know about shower enclosure waterproof strips?

Nowadays, shower enclosure have become one of the most popular bathroom fixtures. They are found in the bathrooms of many families. If you want to live a more refined home life, a shower room is indispensable! Among them, separating the bathing area, washing area and toilet area is the biggest use of the overall shower room. In addition to the glass, the main contributor to the separation of dry and wet areas in the bathroom is the waterproof tape. Now, let’s learn more about it with Dabbl Sanitary Ware!

Common waterproof strip profiles on the market are generally PVC. PVC waterproof strips are flexible, highly hydrophilic, hygienic and environmentally friendly. Most families will choose this material. Different styles of shower enclosure will have different installation locations of waterproof strips. For example, arc fan-shaped, square and diamond-shaped shower enclosure are usually installed between the glass door and the frame, which can make the closing of the movable door more secure. Tight and appropriate to prevent bath water from spraying through the door cracks and wetting the dry area. The waterproof tape of the straight shower room is generally placed at the joint between the glass. Some even do not have waterproof tape, or use the overlap of two pieces of glass. It can be used to replace the waterproof strip, and the effect is the same, and this style will be more beautiful and simple.

 I would like to remind everyone that some manufacturers are not precise enough when designing and installing the position of waterproof strips, and the position they create is unreasonable or defective. This will lead to the situation that even the waterproof strips installed cannot prevent water; in addition, There may be a problem with the material of the waterproof strip itself. Inferior strips do not look so transparent in appearance, are not flexible to the touch, contain impurities, are easy to break, and will break down within a short period of time. So when purchasing, be sure to pay attention to these details .

Founded in 2004, Dabbl Sanitary Ware, as an early domestic shower room manufacturer, has spanned more than 20 years of development and has become a leader in shower room brands in Foshan and even in China. As a shower enclosure company that is climbing the peak year by year, the shower room projects taken over by Healthy Sanitary Ware have been exported to the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries.

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