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How to choose shower room hardware accessories?

How to choose shower room hardware accessories?

4 Jul 2024
How to choose shower room hardware accessories?

When many people choose shower rooms, they habitually focus on the glass and often ignore the hardware accessories. In fact, shower room hardware accessories are as important as shower room glass. It is not enough to have good quality of shower room glass. The quality of hardware accessories must also be excellent, so as to fully guarantee the safety, reliability and comfortable experience of the entire shower room.

1. Clarify what are the hardware accessories of the shower room

Shower room hardware accessories refer to the metal parts in the decoration of the shower room, usually including profiles, pulleys, tracks, handles, hooks, shelves, towel bars, etc. These hardware accessories look inconspicuous, but they often play a very important role. For example, profiles can support the shower room, pulleys control the opening and closing of the shower door, and shelves can be used to place items. Therefore, when customizing a shower room, hardware accessories must be fully equipped to avoid affecting the normal use of the shower room.

2. How to choose shower room hardware accessories

Different shower room hardware accessories have different purchasing methods.

1. Profiles

When selecting shower room profiles, focus on parameters such as material, thickness, and hardness.

Shower room profiles are generally made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The thickness of qualified shower room aluminum is above 1.2 mm, the thickness of the aluminum for hanging glass on the track must be above 1.5 mm, and the hardness must be above 13 degrees. The ideal aluminum wall thickness of the bathroom shower room reaches 1.5-3.0 mm. Sufficient thickness can enhance the bearing capacity of the profile and make the shower room more stable and durable.

2. Pulleys

When selecting pulleys, focus on their durability, quietness, and stability.

Common materials for pulleys are stainless steel, copper, and alloy. Among them, stainless steel pulleys have strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties, are not easy to rust, and ensure stability and durability; copper pulleys are strong and wear-resistant; alloy pulleys have smooth surfaces and are easy to weld. Ideal bathroom shower room uses 304 stainless steel bearing rollers, which have been tested for more than 100,000 push-pull tests to ensure that the pulley rolls smoothly, smoothly and quietly, and the pulley is tightly combined with the track, not easy to shake or derail, and safety is guaranteed.

3. Track

Shower room tracks can be selected from the aspects of material, craftsmanship, and sliding performance.

In terms of material, the common materials for shower room tracks are stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and plastic. Stainless steel is heavier, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and has a smooth surface and is easy to clean; aluminum alloy is corrosion-resistant, light and easy to install; plastic is affordable and not easy to rust, but has poor durability and is easy to age. From the perspective of durability, stainless steel and aluminum alloy shower room tracks are preferred.

In terms of craftsmanship, high-quality shower room tracks have fine craftsmanship, smooth surface, and no scratches, burrs and other defects.

In terms of sliding performance, you can try the track yourself when purchasing. If the pulley slides very smoothly on the track and the noise is weak, it means that the sliding performance is good.

Hardware accessories are an extremely important part of the shower room, so everyone must choose carefully! visit DABBL for get information.

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