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Oxidation cleaning method of aluminum alloy

Oxidation cleaning method of aluminum alloy

20 Dec 2023
Oxidation cleaning method of aluminum alloy

How to effectively clean and recover aluminum alloy oxidation´╝čThis article will show you a variety of ways to clean aluminum alloys

First, physical cleaning

Physical cleaning is to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the aluminum alloy by mechanical, friction or other physical means. The simplest method is to use a soft cloth and water to gently wipe the surface of the aluminum alloy to remove surface impurities and oxidation layers. If the surface is stained with more stubborn stains, you can use aluminum foil and hot water together to wipe, you can also use olive oil or acidic liquid to clean.

Second, chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is to remove the oxide layer on the surface of aluminum alloy by chemical reaction, and is the most commonly used cleaning method. The most common cleaning liquid is hydrofluoric acid because of its ability to effectively remove oxide layers and other stains on aluminum surfaces. But hydrofluoric acid is a highly corrosive chemical that must be used with personal protective equipment and in accordance with strict safety regulations. Another chemical cleaning solution is sodium bicarbonate, which is a milder cleaning liquid that fights some of the milder oxidation conditions. In addition, the Barros Group has also introduced a new neutral chemical cleaning technology that can better provide cleaning services for aluminum alloys.

Third, machine cleaning

Machine cleaning ensures a more thorough and faster cleaning process. High pressure water arrow is a common method of machine cleaning, suitable for removing large areas of stains and oxidation layers. When using a high-pressure water arrow, the water should be kept at an oblique impact on the aluminum surface and at an appropriate distance to avoid damage to the surface. In addition, machine cleaning can also use car wax and various metal cleaners, saving you time and effort.

Four, professional cleaning company

Find a professional cleaning company with many years of cleaning experience, advanced technology and good service to do cleaning services.

In order to solve the problem of oxidation cleaning of aluminum alloy, various methods can be used to clean it. Although physical cleaning is simple, it is not as effective as chemical cleaning and machine cleaning. Chemical cleaning can quickly and effectively remove the oxide layer, but it needs to pay attention to safety issues. Machine cleaning speed is faster, can complete a large area of cleaning work. If you are not worried about the cost, it is the best way to find a professional cleaning company.

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