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Shower Tray and Marble of Shower Enclosure

Shower Tray and Marble of Shower Enclosure

15 Sep 2023
Shower Tray and Marble of Shower Enclosure

1) Shower Tray

According to the material classification with acrylic chassis, artificial stone bottom basin and composite basin.

Shower trays come in an array of shapes and sizes so that they can fit in all types of bathrooms. Each tray is made to be durable, using quality materials that are also easy to clean. Choose from a wide selection of sizes, shapes, materials; designed to suit all tastes and designs.

  1. Marble

Can also be called the retaining strip, the Size of the marble could be non-standard calibration, and the marble and the water separator are a separate two parts, so there is no leakage as the same as the bottom basin and water plug sales problem. The main material is PVC.

The marble mainly relies on different positions and angles of glass to form different shapes, such as straight, square and diamond shapes and so on.


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