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waterproofing of shower rooms

waterproofing of shower rooms

16 May 2024
waterproofing of shower rooms

The waterproofing of shower rooms can be approached from multiple aspects, as follows:

Building waterproof layer: Select high-quality waterproof materials and apply or lay them on walls and floors to ensure that every corner is fully covered. The thickness of the waterproof layer needs to be uniform, which plays an important role in the waterproof effect.

Sealing joint: The joint of the shower room is prone to water seepage, and should be fixed and sealed with waterproof glue or sealant to ensure that there is no water leakage at the joint.

Glass waterproofing treatment: The glass in the shower room needs special waterproofing treatment or application of glass waterproofing agent to protect it from water infiltration.

Drainage system: Install a drainage sink on the floor of the shower room to ensure smooth drainage, and also install an odor and dust proof drainage device.

Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect the waterproof layer and sealing condition of the shower room, and if necessary, make up for leaks or replace waterproof materials.

In addition, waterproofing of the shower room floor can also be achieved through methods such as bottom basin waterproofing, water blocking strip waterproofing, and sunken waterproofing. for more information visit DABBL

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