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What are the functions of the shower room?

What are the functions of the shower room?

9 Aug 2023
What are the functions of the shower room?

What are the functions of the shower room?


The shower room refers to the equipment that separates the shower separately in the bathroom. Usually, the shower room is set up in the corner of the bathroom, and the shower area is clearly divided by a fence to form a relatively independent bathing space. so, what are the function of the shower room?




1. The function of distinguishing between dry and wet. While the home decoration is becoming more and more luxurious and luxurious, it is also required to distinguish between the dry area and the wet area. The shower is completed in the wet area without affecting the function of the dry area. There is no need to wipe the floor after each shower for hygiene. . The shower room has strong water tightness, avoiding the leakage of dirty water, ensuring that the entire room is hurry, and extending the life of high-end decoration and bathroom furniture.

It is even more humane to design an open boutique shelf for towel bars and clean clothes. After the shower, you will be relieved from fatigue. You can walk directly into the room clean and dry, and you will not be muddy after the shower.





2. Warmth-keeping and safety function Due to the involvement of gas or natural gas water heaters in daily life, its safety requires good ventilation in the shower room. Plastic or tempered glass doors are installed on the fences for easy entry and exit. The glass is printed with various colors or lines.

A shower head can be installed in the shower room, and the door is closed when taking a bath, so that water will not splash outside. The size of the shower room chassis is roughly 80-80 cm and 90-90 cm. The size of the area can be determined according to your needs. 





3. Competitive society of health care function, noisy city, busy people, after a day of intense work, there can be a private space to provide a completely relaxing environment for the tired body and mind, with multifunctional showers, alternating hot and cold stimulation The body function releases work pressure, the intermittent high-speed impact of the water flow and the alternating stimulation of the relaxing shower, achieves the expansion and contraction of capillaries, strengthens the body, relieves fatigue, and feels the comfort and warmth of going home.



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